What is the Building Stronger Families programme?

3 Children Hugging

The Troubled Families Programme, or Building Stronger Families (BSF) in Doncaster, aims to support the national intentions to ‘turn around’ families with often long-standing and multiple problems. Families play a fundamental role in providing the foundation for good outcomes and life chances, Doncaster Together partners are clear that they want to support and help families to achieve this role by working in partnership.

The Programme brings together partners from:
• Doncaster MBC
• SY Police
• Public Health
• Job Centre Plus 

What is a Troubled Family?

The criteria for selecting the families to be targeted by the Building Stronger Families programme may reflect these issues;

• Are involved in youth crime or anti-social behaviour
• Have children who are regularly truanting or not in school
• Have an adult on out of work benefits
• Cause high costs to the taxpayer

In Doncaster, mobilisation work has been taken forward through three main work streams focused on:

• Case Management Arrangements
• Joint Investment
• Data, Performance Management and Evaluation

These work streams represent the basic shape of the programme of delivery for the next 3 years. Successful delivery and sustainability are highly reliant on all three elements working in a mutually supportive way to enable an integrated multi-agency response to family’s needs.