Doncaster uses the Covalent Performance Management system to manage its Borough Strategy.  All partners update their own information onto the system which is then used to show the whole picture for Doncaster.  The reports which are seen by the partnership boards and organisations are produced directly from Covalent.

We have worked with Covalent to develop a maps feature which allows us to easily see where we  are meeting out targets and where we need to do more work.

Users of the system will be able to access it here:
Covalent System

CCTV Camera


The Borough Strategy sets out what we want to do to make Doncaster a better place. You can find out how Doncaster is doing against the targets and actions we have set out on these pages.

Doncaster Chief Officer Group and the Partnership Theme boards get regular performance reports which detail how we are doing.  The Theme Boards can then direct activity in the areas where we are not doing so well.

Previous performance reports for the partnership will be posted here on these pages. 

Challenge Function

Every three months, the Doncaster Chief Officer Group holds a 'challenge meeting' with the theme boards. This is a meeting which looks at the performance of the targets and actions that board is responsible for.

Council Performance

Each organisation contributes to the delivery of Doncaster's priorities. The Council uses it Corporate Plan and Quarterly Performance Management reports to measure progress.

Attached below is the Council's Corporate Performance Management Report 2012-13 which details performance up to 31st March 2013.