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The Hear by Rights standards framework is designed to help secure sustained and beneficial participation of children and young people and to encourage continual improvement in an organisation's activities. It is intended to be applied to all services that affect children and young people, directly or indirectly. The framework encourages inclusion of a wide range of children and young people, while urging care in choosing approaches appropriate to different ages, abilities and understanding.

The are seven standards: shared values, strategy, structure, systems, staff, skills and knowledge, style of leadership

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What is Doncaster Children's Trust?

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Doncaster Children's Trust carries on the work of Younger Doncaster with a strong commitment from partners to work together to ensure positive outcomes for the children and young people of Doncaster.

The role of the Children's Trust is to improve outcomes for children and young people in the borough by:

  • Developing shared priorities and plans, and ensuring the development and implementation of a single Children and Young People’s Plan.

  • Promoting the active involvement of children, young people, families and communities in the development, delivery and evaluation of services.

  • Building a framework for joint commissioning for children and young people’s services.

  • Ensuring that quality is monitored and maintained in all areas with a view to continuous improvement.

  • Promoting partnership working in the delivery of services for children and young people across the borough.

  • Commissioning and seeding good practice in integrated service provision.

  • Overseeing the implementation of the Every Child Matters Change for Children Agenda.

The Children's Trust is committed to a preventative approach, which aims to deliver services that address the needs of children and young people before they reach crisis point, and to the provision of high quality services for all children and young people who need them.

Members of the Children's Trust come from the key groups and agencies concerned with children and young people, including the Youth Council, Schools, the Council, Health, Police, the Voluntary and Community sector and other key stakeholders. 

The Children's Trust is chaired by Councillor Eric Tatton-Kelly

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