Doncaster Children & Young People's Plan

Children in canoes

The Doncaster Children’s Trust has produced a five year plan for 2011-16, called the Doncaster Children and Young People’s Plan, and this is the strategic plan.  The plan sets out the big ambitions for children and young people for the whole of Doncaster.

This strategic plan sets out what extra things, (in addition to all of the duties which we already carry out), we want to achieve for children and young people by 2016, by working together. 

There are two key documents that provided information for the plan and these can be accessed by following the links below.  Document A identifies all the data from a range of sources that was used for the plan and Document B explains about the engagement work that took place with children, young people, families, agencies and organisations in Doncaster. 

A poster to inform people about the plan has also been produced and can be downloaded from the link below.

The Children and Young People Plan’s Year One Delivery Plans can be accessed below.


The Year One Delivery Plans have now been evaluated by the Children’s Trust Board and a report produced.  The report contains information about the background into the Children and Young People’s Plan and the three priority areas Delivery Plans.  The report also contains information about what has been achieved in year one and what has been carried forward and included in year two plans.