Welcome to the Safer Doncaster Partnership

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The Safer Doncaster Partnership works to reduce crime and disorder in Doncaster's communities. The Partnership involves members of the Police, Council, NHS and a range of other public sector and voluntary agencies.

Reducing crime and disorder in our communities helps to improve the quality of life for residents, and contributes to the regeneration of Doncaster. This can only be achieved by working with the community to identify the issues that matter most to residents. The Partnership enables this to happen by bringing together agencies with an interest in community safety, and co-ordinating efforts to reduce crime across the Borough.

How the Safer Doncaster Partnership works

Research and analysis plays a vital role in producing the information needed for the Safer Doncaster Partnership to work to reduce crime and disorder in Doncaster.

Information about crime and disorder is collected from a number of partner agencies and analysed to produce reports for the Partnership on trends, hotspots and emerging issues. These reports are then used to help decide on how resources can be targeted, to ensure they are most effective, and go to the heart of the problems.

For example, some crimes are seasonal  in nature and increases can be predicted to some extent, so crime reduction campaigns can be put in place in anticipation of this. Using monthly reports, we can judge how effective these campaign have been by comparing figures for the same period in previous years. Similarly, by looking at crime by area, and type of crime, it is possible to identify crime 'hotspots', and respond appropriately.

All of this work depends on the public reporting incidents to the police or the council so that they are taken into account in deciding where the priorities are.

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